Queen Bee Farms & Apiary

Located on beautiful West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Producing a line of exquisitely crafted artisan teas and premium, pure, natural, Wildflower and Fireweed Honey. Surrounded by nature’s splendour in a high forage area of the Malahat. All plants and trees grown at our farm have been specifically selected to benefit our local and visiting pollinators. Queen Bee Farms has dedicated itself to the creation, promotion, and preservation of bee and pollinator friendly habitats.

Bee Inspired Teas

Crafted in small batches using the finest ‘pollinator approved’ herbs, fruits and flowers, sustainably and organically grown at Queen Bee Farms. All our blends are handcrafted and micro-blended in season for optimum quality, freshness and taste and proudly feature tea that is sourced fair-trade and farm direct from small producers who practice environmentally conscious land stewardship.

Robert Bateman
Gift Set 

At Queen Bee Farms we are passionate about pollinators and have dedicated ourselves to the creation, promotion and preservation of bee and pollinator friendly habitats. That is why, in collaboration with another passionate Naturalist and Canadian Icon, Robert Bateman we introduce the launch of our new Pollinator themed, Artisan Crafted Tea & Honey Gift Sets. Feel good that with every purchase partial proceeds will be donated back to pollinator conservation and awareness initiatives.

Each Gift Set comes beautifully packaged featuring the original pollinator themed artwork of World renowned Naturalist & Artist Robert Bateman.


Queen Bee Farms Gift Set 

Includes your choice of any two tins of our ‘Bee inspired’ teas and a mini jar of raw wildflower honey.

Private Reserve Tea Collection 

Comes in a beautiful handcrafted gift box. Featuring an assortment of eight of our very best organically grown ‘Bee Inspired’ loose leaf tea blends.

Bee Inspired
Artisan Crafted Teas

Queen Bee Farms proudly features the finest farm-direct, rare single origin teas, paired with the very best sustainable and organically grown ingredients sourced from small producers who practice environmentally conscious land stewardship. Our rare and unique tea blends feature some of the finest herbs, fruits, and flowers that have been hand harvested at their peak of growth and blended in season for optimum quality, freshness, and taste.

Our Teas

Black Tea

  • Highland Mist
  • Victorian Earl Grey
  • Woodland Skipper
  • Chocolate Cherry Chai
  • Golaghat-Special Leaf
  • Royal Assam
  • Dark Knight
  • Lavender Lady Grey
  • Blue Moon Saskatoon

Green Tea

  • Mason Mint
  • Mystical Mountain Green
  • Honeybee
  • Rose Queen
  • Sakura Blossom

Herbal Tea

  • Monarch
  • Bee Calm
  • Terracotta Warrior
  • Hummingbird
  • Victoria Fog
  • Hibiscus
  • Bumblebee
  • Coastal Winter Mint
  • Solstice Apple Chai

Specialty Teas & Custom Blends 

Here at Queen Bee Farms we pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to develop unique custom tea blends and programmes for them. We offer a variety of premium product and packaging options for commercial applications both retail and wholesale.

Premium Honey 

Pure Natural Raw Honey

Produced by honey bees located in British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island’s pristine West Coast. Known for its clean air and vast stretches of unspoiled wilderness, Vancouver Island produces some of the world’s finest high quality honey.

Our two varieties come elegantly packaged in 250g and 500g jars.